Missional Community

A Family of Missionary Servants making disciples of Jesus


Missional Community

A Family of Missionary Servants making disciples of Jesus

What Is a Missional Community (MC)?

We believe a missional community is a family of missionary servants sent on mission by the Holy Spirit to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus to glory of the Father.

MC’s are smaller groups of people that worship and submit to Jesus together in all of life by learning to love one another as family, serve a specific mission (like a neighborhood, an affinity group, or other contexts in our community) and be a witness to the good news of Jesus Christ in our city. This is where real life happens, as together we seek to believe and live out the good news in the normalcy of daily life.

As Missional Communities grow, they multiply into more gospel communities living on mission—each displaying and declaring the satisfying, transforming Good News of Jesus.

A family of missionary servants

Current Missional Communities

-- (see map below) --

Labor Park
5:00pm - Sundays

Committed to making the Real Jesus known to the men, women and children living in the Labor Park area.


Labor Park 2
5:00pm - Sundays

.Partnering in LaborPark to bless, encourage and build relationships through weekly cookouts to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus




Youth Sports
5:00pm - Sundays

To see every man, woman, and child involved in youth sports to have a daily encounter with the Real Jesus.


Oak Grove                                     1:00pm - Sundays

Changing youth sports in Paragould through coaching, serving, and making disciples.




The Reconnect
12:30pm - Sundays

Helping those freed from addiction, through the chain-breaking power of Jesus, "Reconnect" with life!


Belle Meade

11:30am - Sundays

Local people loving our global neighbors. We help teach English to families from all over the world who have settled in Paragould.





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